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The face treatment assures to your skin a natural defense, it protects it gently but effectively from the negative influences of the atmosphere. The treatment removes the impurities from the cutaneous surface and it regenerates it. It gives back smoothness and balance, nourishes and enriches the skin.

The wide selection of various treatments allows us to choose the right one for your skin type. We propose effective treatments for greasy skin, acne, skin redness, sensitive skin, hyperpigmentation, irritated skin and anti-ageing treatments.

The choice of the treatment is yours; also, a specialized aesthetician can give you advice and will be able to adapt the treatment from time to time, based on the specific needs of your skin in order to obtain better results.


Get a Beauty salon BEA gift certificate for your family, friends or acquaintances, so everyday stress, pain and daily hard work will soon be no more than a distant memory. Every gift certificate is personalized, depending on your wishes and the recipient’s wishes.

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