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Massage is the most ancient and the simplest of the treatments. The soothing, the friction, the kneading and the percussion of singular muscle groups or of the entire body relieves muscle tension and at the same time favors the vascularization of skin and muscles. The benefits of the massage are, for example, a better circulation, extended muscles as well as physical and mental relaxation – all pleasant and unique feelings.

More than 2000 years ago, the greater exponent of Greek medicine, Hippocrates said that massage could either firm up joints that were too lax or relax joints that were too stiff. That’s the most fascinating part of the massage – the same movement can have so different effects.

The massage must not provoke painful reactions, otherwise, the muscle tissue reacts with a defensive mechanism provoking a contraction, which holds back the obtaining of good results. The massage is effective for those who suffer from backache due to a sedentary job, however nothing can replace physical activity that strengths muscles.


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