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The Finnish sauna is a basic sauna with very high temperatures (from 70 to 100 degrees) and with relatively low air humidity (from 20% to 5%).

Rules in the sauna:

  1. Normally we do not eat before entering the sauna; exceptions are smaller bites that helps our body with detoxification (ex. slice of acid bread with a little bit of butter and various vegetables and a glass of herbs juice).
  2. We do not stay dressed or covered in the sauna because this way we reduce the effectiveness of the sauna. Also we do not wear jewelry.
  3. Before entering the sauna for the first time, we need to properly wash ourselves and take a shower. Later on, we do not recommend using shampoo but just to wash ourselves with water.
  4. If before entering the sauna your feet are cold, you need to warm them under the shower.
  5. We do not enter the sauna wet so after every shower, we dry ourselves.
  6. When entering the sauna we need to cover our sitting spot with a towel.
  7. When entering the sauna for the first time we do not stay in longer than 10-12 minutes. If there is enough space we can lay ourselves down, then we sit for a while in order to normalize the body pressure.
  8. When leaving the sauna we take a shower. At first with warm water to wash away the fat, after that we shower ourselves with cold water.
  9. Between one sauna and another, we need to rest at least 20 minutes.
  10. We repeat the whole process three times.
  11. When resting we need to drink a lot of liquids.
  12. Before leaving the sauna area, we need to cool down our body to the level we do not sweat anymore.
  13. For a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, it is important to keep quiet and listen to the music.
  14. When moving around the sauna area we recommend wearing slippers. Before entering the sauna, we take them off and leave them outside the sauna.
  15. We enter the sauna as quick as possible to avoid the release of the heat.
  16. In the sauna, we cover our sitting spot and feet with a towel. For hygienic reasons we need to avoid the contact between our body with the wooden or ceramic surface.
  17. We can lay down in the sauna. If the sauna is crowded, keep other visitors in mind and take a sit.
  18. Do not water the sauna rocks by yourself; leave it to the qualified personnel.
  19. After leaving the sauna, shower first.
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